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Wee Gallery Wall Decals


Brand Wee Gallery

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Turn the nursery into a beautiful ares with these great wall decals by Wee Gallery.

❤ Tropical jungle comes with one 11" lion, three 7" monkeys, one 3" butterfly and 70 various sized landscape pieces – vines, leaves, flowers and bushes.

❤ Woodlands comes with one 16" deer One 8" fox One 2.5" owl One 4" woodpecker One 6" hedgehog One 4.5" raccoon Six various sized trees Six various sized       mushrooms 29 landscaping pieces.

❤ When is a tree not just a tree? When it’s a Wee Gallery Growth Chart wall decal. Watch your kids grow like weeds right before your eyes with the Wee Gallery growth chart. Use the handwritten numbers to mark birthdays on the stem. Measures up to 5 feet in height.

❤ Wee Gallery Quiet Forest Growth Chart lets you keep track of your child’s height over the years. Because the only change that you can measure is in inches and centimeters. Made with Blik Re-Stik, Quiet Forest is easy to assemble and can go with you if you move. Save the backing for easy transfer to a new location.