The Hug Blanket



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A young girl and her little brother love to visit their nana. Nana bakes things with them, plays games and takes them to the beach. They collect seashells together and line the pathway home with their treasures. Nana knits blankets for them all, including special motifs within the designs.

One day nana dies, and after the funeral the little girl hugs her special blanket and cries. She realises the blanket is full of special memories that will be with her even though nana is not.

The Hug Blanket is a very special and gorgeous book. Author Chris Gurney wrote it after her own mother passed away, as a way to commemorate the love her mother had given her and her grandchildren.

The story is full of love and gently approaches a tricky topic that many of our little people have to navigate. The little girl reacts in realistic ways to her grief and the navigation of those days after a death.