Our Generation Dolls - Clementine


Our Generation Dolls

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Have fun in the sun with this beautiful 18-inch doll!

The sun is shining, and so are you! Grab your hat and walking shoes and lets go for a stroll with our friends.

Smiles and sunshine are on the way with Our Generation Regular 18-inch Doll – Clementine, a beautiful doll with long, straight red hair and bright blue eyes.

Because we’re unlike any other generation. With our brains and passion and oodles of determination, we’re making things happen. Like organizing toy drives and helping out at beach cleanups, not to mention whipping up the world’s best ice cream sundae to share with our very best friends. This is our time. This is our story.

Comes with:

1 non-posable 18-inch doll, 1 dress, 1 hat, 1 pair of undies, 1 pair of sandals