Our Generation Doll - Delivery Bicycle

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Delicious Food on its Way to You!

Deliver delicious meals around the neighborhood with the Our Generation Delivery Bike for 18-inch dolls! Place the pizza in the pizza box and put the takeout lids on the salad bowl and cake, then place them in the delivery basket and get ready to ride! The bicycle comfortably fits all Our Generation dolls, and they can easily steer the bike in any direction with the movable handle bars – the wheels really roll! The straps on the handles and pedals will keep your doll’s hands and feet secure, and the 2 back wheels keep the bike steady during any trip. Special delivery! Open up the pizza box and hand out slices to all your friends. The 6 removable slices mean everyone can enjoy a piece! Food always tastes extra yummy when it’s delivered by best friends!

Comes with:

1 delivery bike with food basket, 1 salad bowl with lid, 1 slice of cake with lid, 2 drink cans, 6 pizza slices, 1 pizza box

Dolls sold separately