Kinderfeets Dolls Pram - Lavender



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Both a baby walker and pram, it’s the perfect walker to get babies comfortable taking their first steps.

A toy that doubles as two was our inspiration for creating our Kinderfeets Pram and Walker. 

Dutch designed and retro inspired. It’s made of birch wood and the sides are painted beautifully 

in pale lavender.

As baby perfects the trade of walking, you can easily remove the purple pegs, turning it into a pram. 

Babies have so much fun putting their dolls and toys inside and taking them for a stroll. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Kinderfeets Pram is the perfect way to introduce little ones to walking. Watch out, before you know it, they’ll be running!

60 x 30.5 x 46cm

Care Instructions

1. The Kinderfeets requires some maintenance. Bolts may loosen from use, so be sure to check them before each ride.

2. Don’t leave or store the Kinderfeets outside. It is protected by a lacquer veneer coating, but is made of wood, and is susceptable to damage caused by exposure to the elements.