Aloka Night Light - Sleepy Bear



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Aloka nightlights are a visually stunning concept in bedtime lighting. 

The Sleepy Light sits proudly on a shelf or bedside table, its white ‘Fantasy’ design printed on clear acrylic to create a lamp that is as stylish during the day as it is mesmerising at night.

Come night time the crisp white design bursts into amazing colour, with twelve different shades to choose from, and a child friendly remote control to switch between them.

For those who simply cannot choose between colours, go with the ‘Rainbow’ function and watch mesmerised as the light gently cycles through all of them.

Coloured LED’s used in the SleepyLight are dimmable, with four levels of brightness, and the following functions:

Sleep – Automatically lowers the lamps brightness to low levels perfect for sleeping

Timer – The night light will turn off after one hour

Rainbow – A gentle cycle through the colours of the rainbow

Side Lamp – Pure white light at the brightest level, perfect for reading to

Aloka SleepyLight

Cleverly combines a stylish lamp with a functional night light

Dimmable LED light with four functions

Controlled with a child friendly, easy to use remote control

Coloured RGB LED’s

Material: Clear acrylic with white design

Requires 1 x CR2025 battery for the remote control (included)

Power adaptor: 100-240Vac to 5Vdc . (included)

Base measures: 14cm x 6cm